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As good as Baldacci; better than Cussler.


A political cliffhanger with Australia's future at stake.

I have just finished reading Checkmate and wanted to congratulate you on writing such a wonderful book. I found the story line so compelling (and believable) from start to finish. It left me wondering why major publishers and politicians from Indonesia and Australia are not beating at your door for more information.

I do hope that the publication of Checkmate and your other books is successful and that you are able to come up with more wonderful stories like this.

Ross G.

Checkmate is gripping, very topical and intensely interesting.

Arthur L.

I finished Checkmate today and really enjoyed the book. A different genre to the Adam Cartwright Trilogy … at least as good, possibly better. … Great story. Very topical. I liked the withholding of info to the end of the book. Created tension.

Anne L.

Checkmate is an incredibly challenging book. Scarey, is probably the most honest word I could use to describe its effect on me! VERY believable plot, at least for the relatively politically naïve animal that I am.  I was hooked in a sort of paralysed fascination as the characters lived through a plausible scenario of events. The Author’s notes stress that the plot is fiction not a prediction, but only time will tell whether it is prophetic or not.

Prue W.

I think you should dramatise Checkmate for a TV six or eight part series . It's so visual & topical. Also an excellent book for the present Years 11 & 12 English course.

Elizabeth D.

Checkmate is one of the best books that I have during the past two years ... and I read a lot.

Michael D

Adam Cartwright Trilogy

The books that Dick Francis would have written had he been a mining engineer rather than a jockey.

Smoking Gun

Loved the book!. Another one that I couldn’t put down. Whole story hangs together on the plot really well. Closing technical explanation in the Author’s Notes also really helped a better understanding of the context.

Patrick D.

Due Diligence

 I have just finished reading Due Diligence and enjoyed it immensely....move over J.K.Rowling.

 Harvey G.


  I thoroughly enjoyed the book! Very readable, the mounting tension kept me reading. I couldn’t put it down. I enjoyed it very much. Well done!!!!

 Anne L.


A unique memoir looking back at four turbulent years in Cairns in the early 1970s.

I have just finished your fascinating book … Hindsight was an amazing read and I couldn’t believe the obstacles that were placed in your way and how you consistently overcame them…as each chapter concluded with a satisfactory outcome I kept thinking…you can’t keep overcoming the odds that were always stacked against you and felt that I should brace myself for the final outcome that would undoubtedly illustrate how the Chairman finally out manoeuvred you..!! my absolute delight he didn’t succeed.

Shaun G.

Hindsight would be a good read for University students studying Crime & Local Government.

I believe that you should send a copy to Four Corners. It's a story that would be of widespread interest.

Chris T.